Drivelversary redux





We now return to less cryptic bloggery.


Poppy Buxom said…
OK, I guess it's time for you to start saving up for the 10 year drivelversary ring.* Because you know how much we chicks count on big loot for years that end in a zero.

I of course, will be purchasing you a pair of Trafalgar suspenders with little pictures of computers all over them.

*Do they use HFCS in Cracker Jack?
Badger said…
What, already? Did I miss the post about JokeFest 2007? What the hell, man?
Joke said…
JokeFest would have landed on Good Friday, and jollity thereon is Papistically frowned upon.

So the reason you missed it was because it was the equivalent of a JokeFest leap year.

Sarah said…
Goodness! Happy Jokefest and Drivelversary!

I assume you will channel your inner Fred Astaire whilst celebrating cheek to cheek this weekend.
Stomper Girl said…
Okay, I think I have this post worked out now. So happy 9th cyber-versary (??) and long may you continue. And belated best wishes for the unjolly birthday this year too.
Caro said…
So I'm still feeling like the one that never gets it.

Are you saying you've been blogging for nine years?

If so, Holy Hannah and congratulations!

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