The end is really nigh now.

This is my last week of SAHD2007.

This means blogging will be rather light for a while as I return to the office full-time.

We all have, I suspect, an embarrassing-to-myself-only moment every rare once in a while. One of those smote me today. While I have been doing the SAHD gig for a while it's been only in the last, say, 3-4 years that I have had to engage in the school drop-off procedure and its protocol.

This is how it works.

You can approach the drop-off zone (the front of the school) from the south or the west. You arrive at an intersection where you will find a smiling member of the local constabulary with a whistle directing traffic. The cars move to the drop-off zone in groups of 10. The cars from the west make a left hand turn, then the cars from the south go straight. The children, in varying degrees of eagerness and wakefulness, emerge from the cars in the drop-off zone and proceed along the sidewalk to the open gate, entering the school's premises. Lather, rinse, repeat. Normally we leave chez Joke at 7:30am, since the bell rings at 7:45am sharp. Normally this is adequate to our needs. Normally.

However, the entire choreography is thrown into a snarl, for example, when it's The Science Fair and kids take twice as long in unloading their exhibits. That sort of thing wreaks havoc when you've been stuck behind a slow-moving sanitation truck, or had to stand in abeyance of the road work crew's flagman.

Anyway, as I was exiting the drop-off zone last Friday which ends in a "T-junction," I noticed that there was no reason to NOT drop off at the end of said T-Junction/Drop-Off Zone...there are no streets to cross, the walk is quite short, etc. All that need be done is proceed along the very same sidewalk from the opposite (and infinitely less trafficked) direction.
I've taken the liberty of preparing a rudimentary diagram to illustrate. The dark blue section is the Official Drop-Off Zone, the light blue is the main gate through which all children must proceed and the magenta -- or fuchsia, if you like -- is my new plan of action to avoid the whole thing.

So we tried it this morning and I am embarrassed it toojk me all this damned time to figure out this new and aggravation-free format for the decanting of offspring at school.



Stomper Girl said…
Did you notice any other savvy parents with the same modus operandi? Or are you the only one?
shula said…
If this was girl guides, you would have got a badge for that.

We had a similar situation at our school, only much less civilised. It took me YEARS of apoplectic aggravation before I worked it out.
Poppy Buxom said…
Thank God my kids walk to school.
Joke said…
Well, today was my first day trying out this subversive brilliance, so I didn't see anyone else doing this.

But I'm sure I will.

Badger said…
At my kids' school, if you don't drop off EXACTLY where they want you to, they chase you down with pitchforks and torches and whatnot. Possibly hand grenades. They are HARDCORE, yo.
h&b said…
My comment was original, until I read Stompers. I hate that.

But yeah, I can't believe the other women are all such sheep ..

baa !
Joke said…
Beware some Japanese actress buying you, thinking you're a poodle.

Caro said…
At least you have a traffic director.

There is NONE at my daughter's school. If you try to drop your child at the front, good luck.

You can come one way, fighting the adjacent middle school traffic ALL THE WAY and make a right turn into the driveway.

Or you can avoid the middle school traffic by coming another way, but then you have to turn LEFT into the driveway. AND NOBODY WILL LET YOU GO!

I swear I live in assholeville.

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