Give it away, give it away, give it away now. UPDATED!

I am HALFWAY DONE culling my cookbook stash for the giveaway. This means I have a stack of books 32" (80cm) tall and I am not anywhere near done yet.

UPDATE: Here is a picture of said stack. You have no idea how many books are still not pictured.

The lovely and gracious
Jaye already voiced a request* and that gave me an idea. I think that to be extra fair I'm gonna do this:

If there is something (cookbookwise) that you've always wanted, post that request ("I've always wanted an North Bulgarian baking book.") in the combox. If I have it in my pile, it's yours. Otherwise, in a couple of days I'll post the list.

Oh, and if the person making the request is outside the USA, I'll ship the book via whatever the "cheap and slow" service is.


* I have yours set aside.


Tere said…
I've always wanted a cookbook on northern Italian cuisine. As well as Greek cuisine, Cajun/Creole and Thai. And anything that teaches techniques and basics in a clear, easy-to-understand language.

Oh, and both The Great Mango Book by Allen Susser and Miami Spice. Those just seem like FL basics I should own.
Jaye Joseph said…
You are a gentleman and a scholar. I'm testing my pasta machine this weekend and shall report back. I can't remember if I told you that or not...
Badger said…
Bob knows I don't need any more cookbooks, but if you had something fabulous with an Argentine/Chilean bent, I would not be averse.
Stomper Girl said…
Are there any nice baking books looking for a home?
Sharon said…
What about a nice bread book...? I promise to actually use it.
BabelBabe said…
have you got Grigson's Good Things, or anything on ukrainian/Lithuanian cooking?
both long shots, i know...
BabelBabe said…
also, thank you for starting my morning with the Peppers.
Major Bedhead said…
Ooooh, cookbooks.

Why are you giving them away? Is your floor about to collapse?

I'd love a cookbook, but I can't think of any one in particular. Maybe one on grilling/smoking meats. A cookbook that features long, slow cooking methods.
Joke said…
I'm giving them away because I have decided to hold myself to a maximum of sixteen linear feet of cookbooks. At present I am at TWENTY-TWO linera feet.

Caro said…
At least you are managing to cull them. Every time I try, I find recipes I want to check out.

It's an addiction and the worse part is I was eyeballing your pile.

Of course if you do have an extra Thai cookbook that you didn't send to Tere...
Joke said…
SG & Sharon, please email me your mailing addresses.

Caro...not very likely I'd give up my Thai cookbook.

Badge, if'n I had one I'd send it to ya.

KitchenKiki said…
Hi Joke,
If you have any Cuban or Caribbean cooking, we are planning to make that our next ethnic cuisine to focus on.
So out of curiosity, what cookbooks are you keeping. (I always want to know what cookbooks people are addicted to)

I'm working on frites on the grill, I may take some of your methods for prep as I try to perfect a recipe. As you are working on yours, you may want to try using a baking stone (preheated). I have been told that a stone is the only way to reheat fries.
Caro said…
As far as what Kitchenkiti said, can you reccomend a good Thai cookbook?

I hate when I buy a cookbook and it turns out to be a dud. :)
KitchenKiki said…
PS-on the frite-
I boil before I grill; today it was 10 minutes, which seemed a little long, maybe 7 (5 was too short)
helps for the cooked through, but crispy on the outside.
Will post more info if they turn out.

For Caro-
I like to check cookbooks out of the library. It gives a chance to review before I buy. If I only see one recipe in the whole book I like, I'll copy it & not buy the book.

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