The glorious events of a misspent youth.

I want to thank the lovely and gracious E-Claire for hipping me to this video, from a band I saw and loved WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back when I was traveling to Boston to secure (without success) admission to one of the nation's premier MBA programs.

I love Boston. Not that this would be obvious to those who have a passing knowledge of me, but I do. After all, the city's politics skew to the opposite end of the spectrum from mine, it has a VERY discernible winter, and that University didn't even have the good grace to put me on their waiting list. But I have never failed to not have a bad time in Boston, and for some reason my social life perked up whenever I visited. (More on this another time, remind me to tell you about the Card fundraiser in 1982.)

Part of why I do is because Boston, IMCO, has the best music scene, bar none, of any city in Creation, especially if you like your music (in PC's words) "Jangly, power-poppy* and slightly punky."

There, I said it.

Anyway, here they are:

The Neighborhoods


P.S. The second song on this clip is one of my absolute favorites, ever.
P.P.S. Not that I'm thinking of actually doing it, but I have always been very curious by how those New Wave bands got their hair to look like that.

* Not you, Poppy.


Stomper Girl said…
I've never heard of the Neighborboods, but while I was checking out the clip I found footage of them performing with Billy Bragg who is one of my faves.

So they're okay by me.
Badger said…
I'm sorry, "best music scene"? Them's fightin' words, Slim.

P.S. My hair looks like that (except the mullet, which I chopped off in 1984) if I DON'T put any product in it.
Joke said…
But wait.

Your hair does that "fiberoptic lamp from Spencer's Gifts" thing on its own?


P.S. I did say IMCO. But I stand by it. As of my last foray therewith, Austin had too many skinny caucasians with white panama hats playing the blues, thereby keeping it in 2nd place.
Sarah O. said…
Wow, this clip brings back a lot of fun early 80's memories. Not of The Neighborhoods per se but of the white boy pop punk club bands I loved so. Even though all they left me with was a broken heart and tinnitus (which is NOT an STD!).

I checked You Tube for my favorite late 70's, early 80's Chicago club band, Off Broadway. All I could find were clips from a 2002 reunion show. Shudder. They were a lot more fun before they were all 55 and 300 pounds.

Repeat after me: NO OLD ROCKERS! Except for the ones currently gracing my blog.

I will definitely steal the "fiberoptic lamp from Spencer's Gifts" hair line.
Joke said…

I'm just happy someone got that reference.

Badger said…
If it's cut short enough, yeah. Exactly that.

And you were last in Austin in ... 1977? I'm guessing?
Joke said…
Wow. That's damned fascinating hair.


P.S. 1997. 1977 was the year it snowed in Miami (before Global Warming had been invented) so I can see why my biographer may have mixed these two up.

P.P.S The blues-playing caucasians in panama hats were also wearing hawaiian shirts and had that Miami Vice stubbly beard thing. I have no idea why this is. Mind you, in the category of rockabilly and, especially, psychobilly, Austin stands alone. But I still stand by my views on Boston's scene.
julia said…
I think I saw them at the Rat in Kenmore Square....

And I'll totally back you on your best music scene claim.
Joke said…
I'm pretty honest in my opinion. I mean (unless you like Latin music) SoFla's scene is a trackless musical I'm clearly not a "homer."


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