The great cookbook giveaway


For those still curious, the bathroom remodeling guy shows up this coming week. The plan is to see just how bad the thing is behind the walls -- we're taking the damned thing down to the wall studs -- and then we'll adjust our budget accordingly. Your kind suggestions (special thanks to the near-invisible, but lovely and gracious Perky) have been noted and catalogued.

But that's not what I came to tell you.

The thing of it is that after the bathroom is redone, the kitchen is next. This entails getting things in shape kitchenwise for when the revolution comes.

As you may know, I have a lot of cookbooks. A lot. The other foodies herein congregated would look at the 16 linear feet of excess books and purse their lips and shake their heads.

I'm a-give 'em away. Maybe I'll eBay some, but I'll just give 'em away. This isn't even a contest. I'll post a picture of 2-3 cookbooks and maybe a little blurb on each and whoever claims it in the combox first gets it. I'm not restricting how many cookbooks someone can take, although if I see someone collaring an unusual percentage, I'll adjust this. Oh, and only one claiming of a book per post.

Most of these cookbooks are excellent, and they have been relegated to their current status by my scanning and printing out the recipes which work for me. They have been superseded, in my life, by other books that are, say, more encompassing.

Still these books are excellent. Just because I no longer have the time to make "raviolis" out of white chocolate and filling them with chocolate and almond mousse, doesn't mean you mightn't.

Either way, they are yours for the taking. Shipping's on me.


P.S. Melvynadam snagged the pasta cookbook. The China Moon cookbook is still up for grabs.


melvynadam said…
Wow! I'd love Pasta Classica by Julia della Croce. Thanks for offering this giveaway. As an orthodox Jew the other book "China Moon" looks like it'd probably be wasted on me (according to Amazon "An entire chapter is devoted to the meat that is "symbolically central to the entire Chinese culture"--pork").
Joke said…

Yeah, the CM cookbook is pretty much a festival of treyf.

Shoot me your address via email. I'll get this out to you.

meggie said…
Joke, I am sure your boundless generosity must be rewarded in some cycles of the heavens!
Joke said…
...or possible cancel out my hoarding...
KitchenKiki said…
Hopefully cookbooks aren't like grey hairs. Pull one out & two will replace it.

I'm looking forward to seeing the collection.
Joke said…
I'll try to get a wide-angle lens for the camera.

My float said…
Looking forward to seeing your collection, although I wouldn't put my hand up. Posting a book to Australia would put a dent in your bathroom renovations!

What are you planning for the kitchen?
Joke said…
Believe it or else, sending a book to Oz would only run +/- US$6.


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