How cool is this?

I just downloaded THE coolest skin for my WinAmp player. If you're a fan of SHAG, it's a must have.

As you were,



Tere said…
Not a fan, per se, but that's damn cute!
Joke said…

Resistance is futile! Incidentally, SHAG is the artist who drew those cartoony pictures used for the billboards advertising Walt Disney World's FL resident know, the ones down US1 and up SR826.

Major Bedhead said…
Cool! Does it come in other colours or is orange the only option?
Unwound said…
Hi, I just wanted to say thankyou for your post recognising ANZAC Day. I know you probably turned off the comments for a reason, but I'm sorry, that gesture moved me enough to comment.

It's very refreshing to be reminded occasionally that we're not the ass end of the world, and that our country does still matter to people. It's also nice (please dont' take this the wrong way) to remember that not all Americans are self absorbed.

ANZAC Day is very important here, (I'm an Aussie, btw), not just to commemorate our soldiers, but to reinforce our role in the international community. We've fought (and continue to fight) alongside many countries over the years, and it's nice that our role is recognised and appreciated overseas.


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