This is why I have readership numbers that make Dooce purple with envy.

Go to and type:


in the search box.

Only THEN will you understand how I manage to have -- and hold in my thrall -- have a spajillion readers.



h&b said…
I don't like being told what to do.
So I typed something else instead.

You're no. 1 for Killer Oven frites.

If I type in "Dooce Vs Joke" though, you don't even rate a mention.

Sorry 'bout that.
Joke said…
The press is always hushing that up.

blackbird said…
I must be missing something -
you are nowhere to be seen on my answer pages...
Dooce must've gotten to it -
Katy said…
I found no mention of you on the "can tonsils burst" search. sorry.
Badger said…
Yeah, I don't see it. Have you been drinking too many invented cocktails again?
Poppy Buxom said…
Hmmmm. Someone else came along and stole Joke's thunder. Probably Dooce. I wouldn't put it past her. She's always been greedy, you know.

But Joke, go to Google and do a search for "Barcelona foodie trends." The number one hit is the blog being written by a New England-born-and-bred blogger famous for preferring bland, mushy, boring foodstuffs.

And so I can only conclude that search hits are a snare and a delusion.
Julia said…
Joke - I didn't see anything about you either.

Poppy - what's the blog? The first hit I got was Plastic dot com and the second was the feisty foodie.
Stomper Girl said…
You were number 2 or 3 when I checked it. But I couldn't report back to you on that at the time because I got sidetracked and then totally grossed out by the tales of Tonsils. That . Actually. Burst!

Who knew?
Poppy Buxom said…
See, this is what I mean. Yesterday I was number one for "Barcelona Foodie Trends."

Today the only way I'm number one is if you do a google search for "Newtopian Opiate."
Joke said…
It is a testament to how disloyal people with burst tonsils can be.

See if I succor them again.


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