Choice of choice words.

In an unrelated vein...

TFBIM and I will be celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary in (give or take a day or two) exactly one year.

Because I am an insufferable smartass, I am sending out Save The Date notices this week, thereby giving people, basically, one year. I'd like to open the field for suggestions of a way to better phrase the following sentiment:

"Seeing as how 6 months is too short a notice for some people -- you know who you are* -- I'd like to give you a FULL YEAR'S heads-up, that there might not be any conceivable excuse for your missing this event. "


* You'll recall that for TFBIM's 40th, we had a bunch of people R.s.v.p. and, at the last moment, failed to materialize.


Tere said…
I'm going to take the cynical route and tell you that no matter how much notice you give, the rude, thoughtless people who RSVP and then not show; or who don't RSVP at all; or who don't and then show up - will carry on as such.

It's something any doesn't just bother me, it full-on angers me. Some people have no manners and could care less about the time, effort and money you put into your parties. They will do as they do, for the world revolves around them, don't you know?

If this does not apply to your prospective guests, then consider that a year may be too much notice. It'd be easy to forget...
blackbird said…
- though you do realize that the very same people won't rsvp, right?
Poppy Buxom said…
I'm taking a sort of mild note of the date and with sufficient notice and updates might even plan to attend (if I'm invited) because I know now that I'll be singing in the choir next year at this time, so I'll be able to wangle a Sunday off.

That is if I'm invited.

Not to hint around or anything.

p.s. Uh oh. Was I supposed to make a big deal of my 15th anniversary? Whoops.
GG said…
Might I suggest that you create a spreadsheet for the RSVP's.

Then you can keep track of not only who, but when people RSVP. Allowing you to send a friendly reminder of demotion of friendship status to those who haven't had the courtesy to RSVP a month before hand.

If it were me, I would also have their addresses in the spreadsheet, so that you can automate the whole thing as well.
Joke said…
The real motive is to have the unquestioned right to issue an edict of deadbeatness against those who fail this very simple test.

(There's a method to my madness.)

Jenny said…
I would never remember a year ahead. I mean, in one YEAR, I may have relocated across the ocean, gotten pregnant and given birth, changed careers, or perhaps even completely changed my gender and identity via overhaul plastic surgery. But that's just me. I live on the fast lane.

So what about adding an evite component to your invite with lots of "reminders" and "messages" sent to your peeps and homies as the date gets closer?

Good luck! What does TMFIB (or whatever it is) stand for?

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