daysgoby said…
Tres cool!

But no Portugal?
h&b said…
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h&b said…
Can I be a complete bitch and rag on about the fact the US seems to think its individual states are as important as the whole of the countries of others ?

Very US-centric.

bitching over

h&b said…
P.S. - where and when were you in Australia ? Were we nice to you ?
Joke said…
DGB, No Portugal, believe it or else!

H&B, I don't think it's the whole US that thinks that, just the guys (or, possibly, gals) who came up with this.

I was in OZ in 1983. As is often the case with my actions at the time, there was a young lady involved.

Stomper Girl said…
I realised recently that it's been 16+ years since I travelled overseas.

How depressing.

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