I hate it when this happens.


So I'm winding up the last week of full-on SAHDness. In doing so I go to do the school pickup thing, as is the standard operational procedure. On my way there, I am idling merrily at a red light, when I hear the blaring of a police siren coming up from behind me and I see the riot of red and blue lights getting larger -- and quite quickly so -- in my rearview mirror.

Of course, if you're me, your first thought is "Oh, @#$. What did I do this time?" And you run a mental checklist to see if you were driving a zillion miles an hour in a Cute Orphaned Toddler Zone, or if you unwittingly committed several acts of pedestrian bondage or whatever. Having come up blank, I pulled off to the side and the police car barrelled through at top speed, like if Capt. Kirk were telling Scotty to put the spurs to the warp drive.

Sighing relievedly, I go on my merry way. A couple of miles ahead, I run into a very unexpected traffic jam. Cars backed up? In a quiet, Very Nice Suburb? WTF? Then I see the street has been blocked off by NICE police cars, all of them with their lights on. Wisely wishing to be chief among those absent, I make a quick left -- making a right turn is impossible in this section -- figure I'd drive up a couple of blocks and then make a right and get to the school. But no. THIS street is also blocked by 10-12 police cars, from various and diverse police departments and I see, quite clearly, several cops put on their body armor and proceed on foot, bearing their sidearms.

Eventually a police helicopter comes by and hovers over the place, as I sort of zig and zag out of the way of all this hyperactive constabulary.

Here's the punchline: This incident is nowhere in the news. Not the paper, not TV, not radio. I have no idea why all those cop cars were there, why police were cautiously approaching with weapons drawn and body armor donned, what happened and when. I have NFI what or why or when or how, and nobody will tell me.

This isn't the first time, either.

It drives me insane.



Stomper Girl said…
We could tell you. But then we'd have to kill you.

My float said…
Heck, Stomper Girl steals all the best lines!!

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