The Mothers' Day post-mortem

(WARNING: An avalanche of parentheses follows)

It went swell, TYVM.

To preempt my sister and my BiL, I announced that we'd be having a brunch at my house.

I very wisely (uncharacteristically so) started making things well ahead of time. This is because I am utterly, spectacularly incapable of preparing food not from scratch. So, I made the pancake batter (sans leavening), the sausages, and the bread all ahead of time. So, when the time came to fire up, all I had to do is put the sausages in a roasting pan (one layer with a bit of room to maneuver) and trim the bacon (I prefer to buy it in slab form, trim off the excess fat and then slice it. This is as "foodie" as I am willing to get on the bacon front.) and place atop the sausages, partially scramble the eggs (with chives) and finish them off in the oven as the bacon & sausages were resting. Then, I leavened the pancake batter, buttered my griddle, and started pancaking up a storm.


I have to say that NOS, in the kitchen, was a champ. He trimmed the bacon (Nueske's, to which the very lovely and exceedingly gracious Poppy introduced us, and to which we are now very much addicted) and whisked the eggs and shook the roasting pan filled with sausages. His reward was a sherry glassful of champagne. He may be serving a sentence, but he did well and I let him know it.

The foodstuffs were inhaled and analyzing the wreckage only saw a couple of ounces of scrambled egg left. Some of the orange juice was left behind. That was it. I pretty much drank champagne straight and basked.

TFBIM did relatively well, giftwise. NOS & NTS pooled their assets and we went to TJ Maxx & Marshall's* and rummaged through the "Last Chance!" bins and shelves and put together a nice spa basket for her.

1- The main attraction of the basket the lads put together was this fluffy/fuzzy neck & shoulder thing that you soak in hot water and drape about your, well, neck and shoulders and it does this hot accupressure/aromatherapy thing. Anyway, it was fuzzy, pink and smelled nice and was only $3, down from $18.99.

2- They also got a CD of "spa music" (Whatever THAT is, but it was only $1.) and

3- Some lip tube things (A set that included "lip therapy" and "lip repair" and "lip something I can't be bothered to remember" at $1.50 for three. We liked the slick packaging and the promiscuous use of chemistry words in faux French.)

4- A set of beauty implements (lip brushes and that sort of stuff, mostly due to their plastic pinkness) $1 for all 6.

5- Some other fancy faux-French hair hydrating/glossing gel thing in a slick-looking, mostly pink, tube. $1.

6- A pink poufy lather thingy for only $0.50 (but it needed some scissor trimming before being made presentable...NTS did that, if a bit too Edward Scissorhands-eagerly)

7- Some raspberry bath gel thing for $1. Yeah, pink.

8- Cranberry (!) foot scrub thing (pink), with bonus toe separator (pink) and cheap-- but, surprise, pink!--file. $0.75.

We came home, found one of the eleventy gazillion baskets that TFBIM has running around the house, and plopped it all in there. The lads were very eager to see The Look On Mom's Face and NTS, being NTS, couldn't help himself and at 6:30am sprinted to his slumbering** mother shouting "Mommy wake up! Mommy wake up! Get UP, Mommy!" and then, seeing how the seed of wakefulness could find no purchase, he ripped off the sheets and jumped on TFBIM demanding her wakefulness; a thing I've never had teh temerity to attempt, even during our honeymoon.

Once TFBIM was irretrievably awake, NTS & NOS marched in with the basket. And TFBIM was well pleased. The other gift was a photo of a certain bauble which had been promised to us by the appointed day but which, alas, remains on back-order.


* Discount/clearance sorts of places.

** We'd gone to a particularly unenjoyable party the previous night, and therefore TFBIM needed her 10 hours of rest.


Stomper Girl said…
Oh my goodness that breakfast sounds delicious. Stop it! You're making me hungry.
h&b said…
Nice stash !

Brunch sounded delectable. God I adore a cooked breakfast ..

Lucky family !
Badger said…
Okay but where is the LINK to the BACON? Or do I have to schlep myself to the hoity-toity food store and ask for it?
teachergirl said…
Stop by if you get a minute. I tagged you.
Joke said…
Ooops...sorry 'bout that.

There ya go.

Caro said…
I know your wife gets tired of us saying this, but tell her again how lucky she is. :)

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