OK, this is not helping.


NOS went back to choir practice after blowing off the whole thing for SEVEN (7) weeks. They sang their little group pieces and then they all lined up and belted out a stanza for Mr. Music Teacher to gauge their individual progress and see what they would do in the recital.

As it turned out, NOS, the little bastid, knocked it out of the park. Other kids' moms were agape. He hadn't practiced for almost two months, had just seen the music and lyrics (This being a Catholic school, and an "old skool" Catholic school at that, it was something in Latin which escapes me.) and calmly walked up to center stage and just let his diaphragm loose.

Sadly, he was easily the best one there; so in spite of the fact he had been absent without excuse for nearly two months, NOS landed a solo. So where does this leave us?

Nowhere, sadly.

This is like telling a child he must work hard, strive, study, give it his all, or else he will end up living under a bridge and scrounging for food in the dumpster bins...and then he drops out of school only to win a gazillion dollars in the lottery.



UPDATE: He is still not getting the coveted pin, nor the certificate suitable for framing.


Badger said…
Ha! That is exactly how I made it through high school. Except for the singing part.

You are a LITTLE bit proud of him for this, admit it.
Poppy Buxom said…
You know, a really strict choral director will make sure that the best singer in a group doesn't necessarily always get the solo (or the choral music prize that in every other instance was awarded to the graduating senior who was president of the Glee Club, if said senior got bounced out of small chorus for showing up late once too often.)

Ask me how I know.
Joke said…

The reason I'm not proud is because this is exactly how I have gotten through life (pretty much from DNA through dinner tonight).


Oy. Our poor grandchildren. Our poor overtalented, pathologically slackered grandchildren.

meggie said…
I apologise for applauding for NOS.
shula said…
Wot Badger said,

except that I could sing.

What ever are you going to do?

I'm starting to love this kid.
Badger said…
Well, the apple does not fall far from the underachieving tree. Because, you know, falling far would require EFFORT.
Stomper Girl said…
Well, when all is said and done, you can't beat natural talent.
Caro said…
It sounds like somebody has a singing career ahead of him.
Joke said…
Oh, great. I've sired The Talented Mr. Numbah One Son.

Sarah O. said…
Dang. The world is not made for kids (and grownups) who aren't average.

That's what the internet is for.
h&b said…
God, I miss singing in choir...

I used to have a good voice, but it hasn't been used for so many years, and I fear it's disintegrating .. like the rest of me ;)

Buy a lottery ticket.
My float said…
Ah, the talented rebel. What a wonder of a child!
BabelBabe said…
i think as any further punishment, you should require to audition for American Idol.

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