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I'm doing something sneaky, dear Internet.

If you've been semi-sentient recently, you may've noticed a spate of "Thinking Blogger" awards. I have been VERY, VERY fortunate to have been on the receiving end of some of these. But I've shut up about it. Here's why.

It seems (and Badger will straighten mine arse out if I have this bass ackwards) that when you get one of these, you get to give one to five people. And, most people -- most normal people, anyway -- usually go on to state something along the lines of:

"I wish I could give one out to more than five people!"

Well, I, being the sort of results-driven, expedient bastid I am, won't say that. I'm going to do something about it.

The temptation, originally, was to say "5? @#$% that! I'll hand out as many as I bloody well want." But then I realized that, while momentarily satisfying, that really wouldn't do. So I bided my time. Still biding it, really. Because I came up with my Super Secret List and once I have accumulated enough of these, I will award my 5 awards per, and that way I won't leave anyone out.

I could have taken the first instance and awarded the first 5, then the second one and awarded another 5. But then Group B would have felt slighted and not delighted. "What, I only made you think AFTER the first batch of awards, you bastid?" Group C would have felt slighted and considered any subsequent award merely a sop. I have enough troubles to fret myself over this kind of thing. So I'm going to do this as announced.

Why? Because I'm all about whatever the Hell I perceive as fair, that's why.

And, in an unrelated thing, this made me happy.



Stomper Girl said…
You should rename your blog. Something along the lines of Solomon. Hmmm. I hope I have that right. Oh well, never mind I'm sure you'll correct me if I haven't.

That table also made me happy. I followed the links to a Tom Lehrer song about the elements which my parents used to play on a cassette and we never replaced it when it died even though we all thought Tom Lehrer was great. I suppose I should look for TL on iTunes one of these days. Whoops. Sorry. Shouldn't haven't mentioned the i word on your blog. Sorry.
Joke said…
Ah, yes. That TL song, to the tune of Modern Major-General.

Big fan of TL ovah heah.

BabelBabe said…
oh. i NEED a poster of that, for my kitchen.
meggie said…
I rather liked the table poster.
All look like quilt patterns to me.
Badger said…
You are SUCH a Libertarian all the time.
Poppy Buxom said…
I hereby volunteer to be among the first five recipients of the "Thoughtless Blogger" award.

In fact, if anyone ever awards me a Thoughtful Blogger award, I'll cry for an hour. And then I'll post nothing but memes and YouTubes for the next six months.

I work damned hard at not producing thought, and I want the credit I'm due, damn it.

p.s. Word verification is "Ozymandias." Go figure.
Joke said…
You could post YouTube memes, thus saving precious time.

Kim said…
Well perhaps it is just my mental state at the moment, but it only dawned on me LAST NIGHT that I was meant to now nominate my five people.

But you see, it's that notion of five blogs that "make me think". And well, sure we all post things that make each other think? But all the time? Most blogs I read because I love garnering something from their lives, getting a glimpse of how another person or family lives, or of just sharing our experiences.

This is a very different thing to me to a concept of blogs that "make me think".

Does that make any sense at all?
Joke said…
It makes me think.

Major Bedhead said…
I've received two of those Thinking Blogger awards and aside from being slightly perplexed by them, I haven't done a thing about passing it along. It's just too hard to decide.

That and I'm really lazy.
h&b said…
I'm with Major Bedhead.
Why would anyone suppose I ever think ?

I did a couple of memes I was tagged with once, but it's really not me, and I felt like I was being told to be/do/reveal what I mightn't neccessarily want to, at a time I wasn't in that mode.

So I ignored my nominations.
Like the spoiled wench I am.

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