The solipsistic omnivore.

Dear Internet,

As you know, I've made a bit of an effort to not turn this blog into a "food blog." Which is difficult, because I have been eating food pretty much all of my adult life. At any rate, I think my bona fides as a foodie are well established.

So in that spirit I come to vent -- a little, not much -- on the current food worry fetish among foodies and fellow travelers. The short version is "Don't." If you have been borderline sentient for the last couple of years you may have seen books, documentary films, TV shows, websites and/or magazine articles which have had the effect of scaring the snot out of those among us who eat and have seen books, documentary films, TV shows, websites and/or magazine articles.

The basic premise is that Huge Corporations are going to kill us with the food they provide us. Food is jacked on antibiotics, hormones, pesticides; irradiation is rife, animals raised for meat are fed all kinds of evil things. Yes, even the animals that aren't are going to kill you, you atavistic caveperson, you. The world is ending. And yes, most of the food out there is woefully substandard at best.

We got it.

I'm not quarreling with any of that. What puzzles me is why, already knowing that X is simply awful, would anyone embark on a journey to quantify the awfulness. Color me reactionary, but I think one's time is better spent avoiding the awfulness...instead of taking census and inventory thereon. So, to whatever extent one's budget allows, the thing to do is get more fresh vegetables (preferably stuff that has avoided chemicals and the like) and non-factory farmed meat, eggs and dairy.

Here's the confessional bit. While I get these foods wherever possible, I only do so because they taste better, and only because they taste better. There. Now you know.

Yes, I'm a bastid, I know.



Badger said…

But, uh, maybe you weren't talking to me.
Paige said…
haha. Nice rant. (going back into lurker mode)
meggie said…
You will be aware of how many liars there are in the world?
Pertaining to their produce being additive free.
Might not be so where you live but it happens here, too frequently for comfort.
Poppy Buxom said…
As a non-sentient being, I have no idea what you're talking about.
shula said…
You're a reactionary bastard.

(as am I).
Sarah O. said…
Have you ever noticed that people who bitterly complain about the horribleness of our food also happen to weigh, like, 300 pounds?

I feel the need to build to a Jerry Seinfeld-esque punchline here.
BabelBabe said…
hey, i don't care why you're doing it. but that's actually why most people search out fresh food.

and for the record, i only weigh 170 pounds and haven't eaten a Twinkie in thirty years.
Joke said…

The basic premise of my life is that results are eleventy gazillion times more important than intention.

That you agree is clearly the beginning of wisdom.

MsCellania said…
I buy whatever looks 'prettiest' that day. Some times it's the conventionally grown, sometimes it's the organic fellows.
From what I've researched, the crops that get antifungals dusted or sprayed on them are the most toxic - strawberries, peppers, spuds. I do try to buy pesticide free for those crops.
Lately I've been on a grass-fed beef craze, pretending that it is then a MUCH MUCH MUCH healthier choice. But I fear the only thing getting skinnier is my wallet!
MsCellania said…
Oh, I'm back up. Our babysitter is back!
Caro said…
I buy cage-free eggs most of the time but (call me a bleeding heart)it's because I feel sorry for the chickens. That said, my husband agreed to the sharp price increase because they taste better. I would love to have my own chickens for both reasons.

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