...and boy are my arms tired.

Flew into Poppyville today. It seems that half of the Greater Poppyville Metropolitan Area is currently being refurbished for our future enjoyment. Which implies our current discomfort, but there ya go.

I dunno if I'm getting inured to all this travel annoyance or what, but the security wait wasn't particularly excruciating. Relative to, say, 1 years ago, though, flying in general is. This food-for-purchase thing is a joke. I wouldn't mind it half as much if the concourses had mildly palatable edibles. Hell, even nationally recognized chain restaurants* would work for me.

So I opted to not eat at the airport FastFoodHutTM. Given that I had to bail out in a rush (thereby skipping breakfast, most notably my caffeine dosage) and that I think I'm starting to come down with some sort of cold or related malady...I developed a BLINDING headache. It traveled from my sinuses up to my forehead and then back to the rear of my skull and onto the seatback cushion (such as it was). Had the plane been the victim of some Awful Thing at the hand of nefarious villains, at the moment I wouldn't have minded so damned much...that's how bad the headache was.

Of course, traveling the rutted and congested roads from the airport back into the city didn't help at all. Caffeine and aspirin...those helped.


* Yes, yes, I know. These entities are evil corporations Hell-bent on poisoning the planet, killing off their clientele, exploiting the proletariat and all that. Still, those "no-name" places at the airport are just as craven and evil AND their food is stale and inconsistent.


h&b said…
The last airport I found myself starving at, I paid like $20 for a small tray of Nori rolls that tasted like ... mmm ... nothing.

Even the wasabi had no kick.

We ate them like rabid dogs anyhoo, complaining about the price.

As you do.

( P.S. - I can't STAND U.S. McDonalds, but UK and Aus. Maccas is fine. However, I do look forward to my next dose of Taco Bell.

Because i'm common, and happy being so. Sometimes ;)
BreadBox said…
I have to admit that I had one of my best meals ever in an airport: it was in July, 2001, and I had a several hour layover in Brussels Airport: there was a restaurant which claimed to be an Italian trattoria: somewhat sceptical, I ordered a carpaccio with salad, bread and a half liter of chianti. The whole meal turned out to be to die for. Oh, would that there were meals like that in US airports!

Joke said…
The moral of the story?

A half-liter of chianti will solve most problems.

BreadBox said…
Actually, truth be told, the chianti was why I was willing to risk the restaurant in the first place. I really wanted a drink, and had no local currency on hand: most of the bars seemed not to take credit cards for checks less than $10, and so I decided to buy a meal as well.

One of the more delightful culinary surprises I have had in my still too-short life!

Caro said…
Look at the bright side. Nobody next to you on the plane had TB, hopefully. :P
Badger said…
The very worst part about Bad Grandma's funeral (any day now! maybe!) is going to be flying up there for the damn thing.

I have not flown since before 9-11. Not for any particular reason; I just haven't. My biggest fear is that I will commit some sort of horrible modern-day flying faux pas and get arrested in freaking CLEVELAND or someplace.

shula said…
Sounds like caffeine withdrawal to me.


And was that a Pee Wee reference I just read?

Were we separated at birth?
Joke said…
Well, we ARE the same age.

shula said…
As I recall, the precise quote is:

And Boy are my WINGS tired,

as spoken by Terry Terradactyl, in, I think, episode 01.

We only ever got a tiny handful of episodes here, but practically swallowed the ones we did get whole.
My float said…
Ouch. The way you described that headache gave me sympathy tingles. Must. Stop. Reading. Now.

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