The Paper Cut Dilemma: Salt or Lemon juice?

(This is not the actual picture.)

Yesterday, I spoke with the very lovely and extremely gracious Poppy (whom we spare no pains to remind the world we love) yesterday, getting the post-mortem on her shindig of Friday night.

The one we were supposed to attend, but didn't because TFBIM's father had planned for 50 years to spoil this for us by smoking two packs of unfiltered Chesterfield Kings every day. The man is nothing if not prescient and meticulous.

So, how was this event that we were supposed to attend but couldn't?

A smash!

A hit!

A sensation!

All of which I fully expected, knowing Poppy's unnatural skill in this endeavor. Spectacular in every way, save that the President of the organization which event it was and which Poppy chaired with such success (in fact, she seems so adept at it that it's probably a pathology) is someone from whom the KGB could have learned a thing or two.

Setting aside this matter, I was pleased to report that all the aspects of this event to which I was conscripted went well and Poppy stated she was pleased therewith, most importantly the wine selections. I had a lot invested in picking out kickass potables for a pittance and it appears that went well.

So, I s'pose I am being Taught A Lesson and, like most lessons I'm taught, I have NFI what it is, or even what the subject matter is. Possibly something to do with, say, "forbearance" or "humility." Poppy will testify that, had I witnessed the success of my efforts in Poppy's aid, I ran a grave risk of becoming well-nigh insufferable. Or insufferable-er, depending on who you ask.

Still, sucks to have missed it.



blackbird said…
...and the health of your FIL?
Poppy Buxom said…
I'm sure it continues to vex doctors and more importantly, Joke.

BTW, Joke translated his not-inexpensive admission tickets to raffle tickets, and even then, didn't win anything (although neither did I, so that's OK, I suppose.

But he neglected to mention all the loot he donated to our auctions. Approximately $1,400 or $1,500 worth.

Yes, I suppose he might have ended up insufferable-r. But honestly, our table needed him, even if the price would have been more insufferability.
Joke said…
The FiL seems to be on the mend, as indicated by the increasing volume and frequency of irrational requests.

Some cynical people could say things began to look up for him once he realized we had missed the last flight to Poppyville. Not I, of course...but some people.

My float said…
Sounds just like Badger's grandma!

So glad you're not the cynical type. (snigger, snigger)
My float said…
PS. The answer to your heading is...neither. Bleach is the absolute worst! (Speaking from experience...10 minutes ago!)
Joke said…
In all fairness, Badger's grandma stands alone. My FiL isn't evil at all, just someone whose worldview stands in marked contrast to reality. (He is adamant, for example, that EVOO is the cause of sore throats. That sort of thing.)

And seriously, having the something-something artery +90% blocked is no picnic.


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