This just ain't like back home.

As I've mentioned before, we LOVE Poppy and TSMPM. OK, fine, you knew that. You got the point, I understand.


I figured that TSMPM ought be thanked along with Poppy who receives the leonine portion of our gratitude. I also know that TSMPM happens to love espresso and somehow is lacking in a basic set at their weekend place. So! I say to myself that, in order to complement the loot I brought as a thanksgiving offering to the Poppic goddess, it'd be very cool to also bring TSMPM such a set.

Back home, you couldn't throw a brick without shattering eleventy gazillion espresso cups. But that's there and this is here. Ovah heah people really don't drink espresso. Sure there are Starbux ("*$" in web lingo) but most people are not having shots of espresso, they are having tall nonfats mocha decaf caffé lattes. I went to a number of National Chain Stores and was appalled at the utter lack of selection. Only ONE store had an assortment from which to choose. Half of the stores had nothing and a few only had one set.



Poppy Buxom said…
Don't worry about it, because he really only pretends to drink espresso. He probably just wanted to sound manly. Usually he gets the caramel skim latte mocha ripple, just like all the rest of hoi polloi.
Joke said…
It'll interest you to know that the Williams-Sonoma by your place -- the one selling $3300 (no typo) espresso machines -- didn't have any espresso cups for sale. In fact, the saleslady looked at me as if I were even more deranged than usual.

Poppy Buxom said…
Try Crate and Barrel. They have lots of dishes.

But, I repeat, don't buy any espresso cups, because seriously, we don't drink espresso. And we have two sets of cups (up here in Newtopia) to prove it.

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