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I dig Graves.

Take your leave of me for the nonce, I must think. I will be alone.

Be warned.

"These are deep waters, Watson." (part 2)

Who came up with THIS?

Flashback Friday

My plans for BlogHer.

Click me.

Zero Harry Potter content.

The Day The Earth Stood Rather Still.

Assortedness du jour.

Out on a limb. Now with SPOILERS!

Look! A cache of gold from a sunken U-Boat!

"A half life, a cursed life." the cost of an attorney, child support, alimony and ancillary medical expenses.

Sure, scoff.


I obviously made a vocational error somewhere down the line.

Be prepared!

Embarrassing as it may be to admit.

Because rest is apparently poisonous.

Exiles In Dullsville.

Mr. Joke Goes To Washington Nowhere