Be prepared!

There is nothing learned quite the same way than "lessons learned the hard way."


I'm casually traipsing through the aisles of an edibles emporium I quite like even though it's rather far, but since I had to be over that way for a client, I took the small detour. Of course, I happen upon a GORGEOUS full rib roast. On sale. $5.XX/lb. Of course, I have a horrific rush hour traffic jam staring at me and standing in traffic for what would likely be two hours (and very possibly three) with a huge lump of unrefrigerated cow doesn't appeal to me.

So I had to let it go.

LESSON: Take a decent sized cooler and put it in the trunk of the car. Because you never know.



shula said…
Confucious say:

The proper flood control has the re-position cooler and go and put from the trunk line of the car. You absoluteness in order not to know.

(done with Google translate).
Badger said…
Okay but did you ASK them if they could pack it in ice for you? Because I totally would have, and some places around here are willing to do that. The worst they can do is say no, right?
reader said…
We take an ice chest when we go to SF, fill it with various types of meat and sausage from the Golden Gate Meat Company and then make the 3 hour drive home. They put ice packs with each selection. It's worth it.
Poppy Buxom said…
Well, I'd buy it and drive it home, assuming that because it's a roast, it will offer a minimum amount of surface area to the air, and therefore, will warm up less than thinner cuts of meat.

On the other hand, I'm someone who left the steaks out overnight and then cooked them and served them to my children. So maybe what I think doesn't matter.
Tere said…
I'd a-bought it and driven home with the windows shut and A/C blasting. Don't think it woulda harmed it any.
BreadBox said…
Dang, pay a buck for a newspaper and wrap it in it!
KPB said…
Hah! We do this. Although it has been living under the high-chair for the last few weeks. We also have a picnic rug in the boot for those impulsive picnic stops.


Stop laughing now.
Joke said…
Impulsive picnic stops? That is damnably impressive.

The butcher guy would have supplied us with ice (loose crushed ice, incidentally) for packing purposes, but we'd have to provide the place for the ice (and roast) to be placed in. Which we didn't.

I dunno what wrapping a roast in newspaper would have done.

BreadBox said…
Newspaper is wonderful insulation: if the roast is cool and you wrap it in enough layers of newspaper (say one section of NY Times, or three sections of USA Today) then it will stay cool on the way home.

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