Exiles In Dullsville.

Dear Internet,

It's been a s-l-o-w week at Chez Joke. The gaping span of time left behind by the trip-that-wasn't, the fact that Independence Day landed on a Wednesday making summer camp activities (at least ovah heah) grind to a halt for the whole week all contributed to a surfeit of ennui.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind ennui, but it's murder when the two lads have to be entertained. Compound this joy with the fact it has been raining buckets (2"/5cm a day, on average) for a week, and you have all the makings of wacky fun.

NOS was really enjoying Library Camp, which is basically huge reading group, broken off by age and reading level. They (NOS's group) are getting ready for Harry Potter #7 and as such have been (re)reading some of the older ones, as well as other books which show some influence on the whole HP ouvre. Greek myth, Sherlock Holmes, Narnia, etc. NTS has been going to swim camp, which is excellent as it leaves him too tired to terrorize the household.

The problem, NOS asserts, is that reading his books at home "isn't the same." So he makes me take him to the library so he can read them there. The problem with our library is the singular lack of beverage availability. Even a smallish espresso machine tucked in a corner somewhere, or a teakettle whistling merrily would be a huge hit. If Starbuck's ever figures out how to station espresso carts just outside libraries, they might as well be allowed to print money. (If they do, you read it here first and I deserve a huge cut of the action.)

So, other than watching NTS tangle with computer games, and NOS wrap up Jason & the Argonauts and waiting for tiles to arrive...it's been slow.



shula said…
Surprisingly similar conditions here, only we don't have the camp thing. Even more fun not.
meggie said…
Hell's teeth. There are days when I am glad I am OLD!.
Bec said…
we should have more camps. Australian entrepreneurs take note: there is a glaring hole in the school holidays where a library camp should be... Get to it.

(sorry yours was interrupted, J)

Suse said…
Surprisingly similar conditions here, right down to the awaiting tiles thing.

And I remember Son #1 doing a brilliant precis of jason and the argonauts once. (Jason: Um, I think I should be king now. King: Ok but first you must give me a golden sheep coat thing. Jason: Hey Orpheus, wanna be an argonaut? Orpheus: Yeah ok. [They walk around the town square and soon they have a whole crew]. etc etc.) Priceless.
reader said…
You can never bring food or drink into the library. Think of the horror if a book was damaged. Reming your son that it is more comfortable at home.
reader said…
That was "remind" with a "d."
GG said…
In Australia at present there is a surge of coffee shops opening up inside libraries. As both a caffeine addict and librarian, this suits me just fine. I'm surprised that similar things are happening in the US.
Bec said…
You're taking that work thing way too seriously, dude.

WV is notnuoar, which makes me wonder where my old oar got to.


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