My plans for BlogHer.

Fly here.

Go here.

Get one of these.

Maybe a pair of these.

One or two of these.

Maybe something like this?

Eat here for lunch and here for dinnah.



KPB said…
I'm now officially addicted to Times Square Cam.
blackbird said…
will be
Major Bedhead said…
Nice. I like the shoes and I love the ties. Enjoy dinner!
Joke said…

I know. Mine is but a mere consolation prize borne of a quick business trip.

Poppy Buxom said…
Holy Rococo, Batman! The fulsome, jungly verbiage on the Alan Flusser site!

Do me a favor: pack your machete and hack away at it when you've finished shopping.

Nice ties, though.
Love the style J! What I wouldn't do for some black squid pasta from this great little place in Soho right now...
Badger said…
Wow, my BlogHer plans are almost identical to yours! Except I will be staying in Austin, going to the new-ish Harry Potter flick, eating mostly food I've prepared myself, buying nothing and bitching about the rain!

That's, uh, almost the same thing! Right?
Joke said…
Well, the rain is the great equalizer.

BabelBabe said…
I am going to lie in bed and try not to vomit while my children run in circles, screaming, around my bed. Sounds like almost as much fun as Blogger, and WITHOUT Dooce.

LOVE the shoes.
Joke said…

Could you get them to discuss the output of their alimentary canal? Then it'd really be Dooce-like.

LBA said…
I really wanted to go to BlogHer last year, but then I was reading a lot of American-girl-blogs that have since fallen off my radar.

Meanwhile, I continue to plan for Disneyland 2008 !

w00t !
My float said…
right, make us all jealous - cause we aussies aren't going anywhere!
Bec said…

Is there a good reason that your plans as posted do not include a sex change operation?

Or, at the least, really nice drag?
BreadBox said…
Make that an early dinner, Joke: or at least a liquid one:-) The London Bar doesn't appear to serve solid food in the evenings... other than snacks, that is....
Enjoy: we are jealous!
Joke said…
BreadBox - I was planning on making it more of a tapas-style dinner. I limit my forays to NYC strictly to business matters and as such, this seems to fit the frame of mind I'll be in. (Some reviewer wrote that the London Bar was the best bargain in frou-frou food in NYC...)

Bec - Alas, I am overly fond of the apparati I was issued at birth and see no reason to either discard or disguise same.

That said, another blog-pal from my other blog told me I ough to to BlogHer "in deep cover" i.e. in drag and report as re. what women bloggers do when the men aren't around.

I replied I'd only go in drag if I could wear couture, and my wife is annoyed enough by my web-friendly proclivities that temporary transvestism, and an expensive transevestism at that, would almost certainly set her off and lead her to chase me around the house with some electric appliance seeking to make the change a permanent one.

Bec said…
Chuckling away ovah heah at the thought that there would ever be a need to go undercover to report on the Blogher goings-on.

As if several thousand blogging women could ever bring themselves to hide a single nanosecond of what they do there: ya think?
Joke said…
To say nothing of shaving thrice daily.


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