...and now, the news.

Except there really aren't any news. Not any newsworthy ones, at any rate.

Here is the biggest piece of news: NOS was doing so well in Spanish as a consequence of being in Heidi Klum's classroom that he was promoted to "Advanced" where his teacher is Dame Maggie Smith.

His academic assiduousness has, er, waned. A lot.

"How much has it waned?" I hear you ask.

So much that he was given a Saturday detention. Quite a downward leap, that. In fact, the only thing to take a steeper dive is the dowry we were expecting to collect on the lad. Now we'd be damnably lucky to break even.

Between work, the fact I have undertaken the restoration of TWO cars simultaneously -- if any among you are automotive-conversant, you'll know such an undertaking makes the Charge of the Light Brigade seem like dressage in comparison -- which includes sourcing out all the tiny bits and pieces carved from unobtainium, and planning for the kitchen redo that kicks off in January-ish...I have been swamped-and-a-half.

So that's pretty much that.


P.S. Remind me to tell you about my BiL and his megadollar stud Bichon Frise dog.


shula said…
I wait breathlessly.
My float said…
Don't forget to tell us about my BiL and his megadollar stud Bichon Frise dog.
Bec said…
Don't think I didn't notice that you pulled off that Light Brigade/dressage line.

Where does a Southern money and motors man get such equestrian confidence?

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