Liver Wringage

It's taken longer than you might think.

Not because I availed myself of a waterfall of wine and cocktails, but because the lack of temperance lasted well nigh unto yesterday. Anyway, here is the report:

The Anniversary thing went off exactly as planned. (This is widely considered good.) There were some things about that for which I didn't care in the least, but this was not "my" event so I smiled and nodded and looked amiable and, as Scripture says, plied myself liberally with with wine and ardent spirits.

Of course it was not just the general aspects of the evening that compelled me to suffuse my bloodstream with mood-ameliorating levels of ethanol, but, rather the presence of various people I have been reliably told are related to me by ties of blood. I don't have the greatest gene pool, I know. Earlier in my husbandly career I used to say that my relatives were so uniformly abysmal that I had to get married and make my own.

At any rate, whenever you announce a big deal event like this, these relatives descend from the hills with a whoop and a holler. So I braced myself fully and managed to survive the onslaught. The toast bit went well, mostly because I had an ace up my sleeve. Given the makeup of the audience, about 25% of the people there were not bilingual, speaking only English or Spanish. So, and NO deserves full credit for this, I had my BiL (the Irish engineer, or TIE) come up with me and translate into Spanish. The way it worked was that I'd issue a long, rambling paragraph and TIE would encapsulate it in one raggedly pronounced word of Spanish. So my 45 second greeting turned, in TIE's Spanish, into "Hola." So you see, the actual text of the toast wasn't that relevant.

My dad sort of enjoyed the evening, but A Man of His Years really gets worn out after all those hours of relentless socializing. He literally wasn't fully recovered until yestarday. This is because with relatives pouring in from South Carolina, Virgina, California, Missouri, NY, etc. they all had to be entertained further. Which only tires everyone out.

Now, TFBIM and my sister really did a great job in pulling this off. TFBIM did yeoperson's work, considering the hours labor involved, the fact she Day Two AND running a fever with some sinus action for added fun.

Incidentally, she took the wrong meds for the sinus thing (pseudoephedrine and her thyroid do NOT get along) and at 3am bolted upright into what seemed like an outright anxiety attack; heart hammering and breaths coming elusively in snatches. Combine this with the fact TFBIM isn't [how do I say this diplomatically?] the person when immediately awakened, and I thought she was having a Satanic Possesion episode.

So that was that.



shula said…
ew, pseudoephedrine and hyper-thyroidism are a nasty combination, or what?

People think I am having a psychotic episode, on the rare occaisions I have been unwise enough to try it.

Do give her my condolences.
Stomper Girl said…
Glad it went well. Big pats on the back for TFBYM.
Joke said…
Accolades were showered upon TFBIM once she had stopped vibrating at 150Hz.


P.S. Another blog entry for another day is the rather, er, interesting way in which my beloved deals with stress.
Caro said…
A sinus infection, day two and pseudophedrine sound like a combo from hell.

No wonder you thought she was possessed.

I have the thyroid thing too so I can imagine how she felt all too well.

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