Don't get excited.

Dear Internet,

1- He have a possible "Hurricane Noel" coming upon us. Not dead-certain, by a long shot, or even likely. But possible. Wind and rain are to be had, sans doute.

2- NOS's internal exile continues, the whinging almost abated. Amnesty International has failed to show the slightest interest in his case.

3- Will someone let BBCAmerica know that they schedule my favorite programs* at the worst damned hours?

4- Yesterday it was positively autumnal. (That means it was not 90F/32C with 85% humidity) I am driving around cheerfully in my convertible, which is exactly the polar opposite of the deluxe minivan, save for the number of wheels and leather seats. I figured many years ago to start my midlife crisis early to save time. You see it has gone precisely according to plan.

That is all.


* Top Gear, F-Word and Kitchen Nightmares.


h&b said…
I love it that they call Hurricanes names like "Noel"

Until the Gallagher Bros, guys named Noel were nice mummies boys who flossed and wreaked no havoc.
Joke said…
As far as storms go, Noel is EXACTLY as you described.

Probably too busy having milquetoast anddoing homework to knock down any palm trees.


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