Heads up. Light bloggery ahead.


Argentines will arrive on Nov. 6, and the colossal mound of files and paperwork I had for them is in desperate (and sudden) need of redoing. So, I have to do about three weeks' worth of stuff in one. To say nothing of the actual project upon which this is all based.

If you are so inclined, throw a prayer (light candles, chant in Urdu, do the Snoopy dance, whatev) this way. Pretty please.

I'll try to come up for air, but don't count on much for the next week or so.


P.S. Remember...God made work as a punishment.


meggie said…
Dancing as fast as I can!
Caro said…
I'll go chant naked in the moonlight. The world will tip on its axis and you won't have to do any work.
h&b said…
What if I just file my nails, look comtemptous and yawn often ?

Will that help ?
Joke said…

That will just give me a particularly eerie sense of deja vu.

Badger said…
You sure get punished a lot for a Nice Catholic Boy.
Joke said…
1- Better now than later, and

2- The "Nice" part is a fairly recent addition, and the "Catholic" bit took much refurbishing.

3- I only get really slammed once or twice a year.

But still.

My float said…
Damn Eve, getting us tossed out of the garden.
Joke said…
Well, Adam was equally complicit, the @#$%.

Me, personally? I could have tolerated an existence of eating fruit en dishabillé and gamboling around the flowers and birds.


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