No, seriously.

You would NOT believe how much it's raining.


P.S. Why are we conserving water, again?


Badger said…
I believe it. It rains like that here, too. It's not right NOW, thank Bob, but it DOES.
shula said…
So you can sell it to us when we run out, as we very well might, this Summer.
Caro said…
Pipe that water to California! We'll take it.
meggie said…
SO! This is where our water has all vanished.

WV dambzz
Same here, amigo...but it's a welcome change to the sweltering summer we had here in the NW. It inspires me to start baking again!
Stomper Girl said…
It's so dry in our parts that we are NOT ALLOWED to complain about the rain any more.

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