This oughta be good.

I have brought home the digital camera. I have even located the wire thingy. I have go so far as to recharge the camera's battery.


Because NOS -- keep in mind he's only 10 -- has announced he is making sushi tonight.

No, I have no idea how edible this will be, or how wise it is to hand a preteen a surgically sharp bit of cutlery. If he walks into the kitchen arrayed as a ninja, all bets are off.



daysgoby said…
I thought you were all possessive of the good knives.

So does this mean NTS has to clean up?
Joke said…
This means NTS has to stand WELL clear.

So when can we expect pictures?
Did everything turn out well?
Stomper Girl said…
I really hope he walks into the kitchen dressed as a ninja.
BreadBox said…
Joke, you are setting the bar seriously higher than I would like: bear in mind that there are those of us whose children are not yet 5, and who have expressed absolutely no interest in sushi for over six months! How are we to train them to equal NOS in the next five years?

shula said…
Wot Stomper said.
Joke said…
It went well, as seen in the most recent post.

The trick with sushi is to get the kids all hopped up about the whole Japanese eating aesthetic. So the first few times we took them to our neighborhood Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, it was all tempura (my kids'd eat nuclear waste if it had been tempura-ed).

Then the vegetable rolls. Eventually moving up to the California Roll.

At least with us it's worked.


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