...which brings us to today.

Dear Internet,

I have been aswim in Argentine clients. I shall remain aswim for the next 6 weeks or so. Still, I know that the entire web hangs upon every word that issues from my two index digits to the screens of the world; so I'll bring you up to speed.

Besides the aforesaid parade of Argentines, NOS is in a heap of trouble. Again. We had discussed his dereliction of homework duty and the discipline which ensued. He straightened up and flew right until one day he realized he simply couldn't be bothered and lapsed into the previous behaviors.

Iberic justice has been swift. No anything for a month. No parties (two that we knew of), no TV, no movies, no playdates, no toys, no Wii -- don't ask why he has one against my better judgment -- no Halloween trick-or-treat. This has collapsed the boy's dowry price like so much Weimar currency. There is no joy in Mudville.

Everything else is fine. Got some long-awaited suitings in the mail. No trips anywhere planned, and I am trying -- and not succeeding -- to get through Tennyson's Gift by Lynn Truss. So far it's pretty much below par. I am very disappointed.

Maybe October is the cruelest month.


P.S. Blogging might be a weekend-only affair for the next few weeks. I'll try for better than that, but don't get too hopeful.


h&b said…
Everyone's like this - gone, absent, nothing to say, busy.

And i'm trying to curtail posting and commenting lest I look like I have *completely* no life ( as opposed to partially no life )

Don't make me have to discover newer, lesser blogs to titilate me whilst you wrestle the Agentines..
Poppy Buxom said…
The bright side of all this is that we save a bucketload of money on the dowry. At this rate, I'll be able to hand over the price of a 1993 Saturn SL2. Instead of the new Maserati Gran Turismo.
Stomper Girl said…
Naughty buzzard I mean NOS.

Geez, if we're all like this in October then December / January is going to be slim pickings.
Bec said…
I'm sorry. Did you just admit you are a two-finger typer?

How delightfully unreconstructed.

Bec - your companion in bad Octobers.
Joke said…

If I were you, I'd start looking for a 1993 Saturn in a color combination of your preference and NOS will make sure it is delivered to you.


Yes. Ironically, I can crank out 75WPM using only 20% of my available digits.


Having nothing to say has never stopped me before. Having no time, alas, has.


Basically NOS can't be bothered to write down what he is supposed to be doing for homework or what he is supposed to bring home therefor.


BabelBabe said…
Joke, me too! I have never met anyone before who could type that fast like that, like me. Confession: I use a thumb, too, for the space bar....

no trick-or-treating? WOW. Can you give me lessons in parental hardheartedness? I need them. Seriously.
BreadBox said…
Joke: Happy swimming in the argentines... whatever that means...
I must say that you are helping me *not* look forward at all to the time when Boo and Skibo reach NOS's age! Good luck dealing with him and re-straightening out his flight path...
My float said…
Oooh, the suits. Do you love them?
Joke said…

Yes, very much so and in an unhealthy and morally dubious way.


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