Yes, the time stamp is correct.

Dear Internet,

As you well know, I don't particularly need (or get) a whole bloody lot of sleep. Most of the time I don't mind it, because I am doing something which I prefer to sleeping. Reading, blogging, watching my latest recordings of The F-Word or Top Gear. That sort of thing.

What I do mind is when my (lack of) sleep is determined by others. The other in this case is NTS. NTS is like me that once awakened -- even if he only got 45 minutes -- he is up-and-at-them. Sadly, NTS is like TFBIM in that he gets nightmares quite often. If I can catch one of us is alert enough to catch NTS in the very early stages of dreaming of being chased by a giant rollerskate covered in pudding (or whatever) then we can snuggle for a moment or two and the night is saved.

Tonight was one of those nights when this didn't go according to plan.

So, I'm up. I'm making bread. Well, I dumped a lot of brilliant organic ingredients into my bread machine because (try as I might) I am hopeless at making bread by hand. Even if I weren't, though, I'm not going to thrash around the kitchen at ridiculous-o'clock to make focaccia or baguettes.

Instead, I set up NTS on the other computer, and he is playing some sort of educational Muppet game. (There he goes, gleefully scoring a zillion points.) Unlike the lovely and gracious Bec, I have no sunrise photo because we still have both The Rainy Season and The Nazi-Communist Clock Plot Daylight Savings Time which means that at 7am it's still dark and gloomy.

And who wants to see a pic of that?



KPB said…
We're waiting for our Nazi-Communist Clock Plot to kick in as it's currently light at about 4am. Well, it seems like that anyway.

I don't need/get much sleep when I'm depressed.

But otherwise I need at least eight hours. Otherwise I get depressed.

And so on and forth.
Jess said…
So your morning was punctuated by beeps and boops and lovely smells as the muddy light changed?

Is the race-car espresso machine still working?
blackbird said…
Have you tried the No Knead bread?
It's difficult to mess it up, unless you overthink it - and you would NEVER do that, right?
Joke said…
bb - I will try it. I still don't think it will be my default bread for 4am bakishness, but it couldn't possibly hurt to have it in my repertoire.

DGB - Yes and yes.

K - The problem over by you is not teh daylight savings thing, it's that some idiot assigned you the wrong time zones.


P.S. Maybe it's just me, but NOTHING makes me happier than a fevered email exchange at an unreal hour with a fellow insomniac.
My float said…
Oh yes, it's great to chat with someone in the grim dark hours that precede the day! Oh, the glory of not being alone in the dark.
shula said…
See now, if we were actual neighbours, this wouldn't be an issue at all.

Think of the fun we'd all have.
Joke said…
That's the drawback to the fellowship of insomniacs who live as far away from each other as is possible without going into orbit.

Well I wish I had checked you this morning before I went to bed at 4:00AM. I suffer with Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain, so some nights the sleep won't come.
Joke said…
See what fun you miss?

Stomper Girl said…
I always feel like such an outsider when you insomniacs compare notes.
Tere said…
Ah, I used to be an insomniac until about 8 months ago, when a lifetime of poor, fretful, all-but-invisible sleep caught to me. Insomnia is no match for my toddler, and now I pass out like a dead body every night.

Also, what is the deal with Daylight Savings this year? Was it officially decided that we would no longer fall back?
Suse said…
I think that's the first time I've ever seen/heard you say [... I'm hopeless at ...]

A blog first.
Joke said…
I am all about humility.


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