Y'know what I hate?

Unlazy weekends, that's what.

Weekends are a time to read and otherwise allow your inner sloth to go comatose.

Walk-a-thons for Good Charitable Causes, conferences, kids' activities all conspire to keep me the tense, wound-up ball of adrenaline you have come to know and love.

Otherwise, I got nothin'.



Kim said…
Welcome to my world. W.e.l.c.o.m.e.
shula said…
Personally, I think there should be a law against it.
BabelBabe said…
I KNOW. I thought i had a lazy Sunday at least today and then realized I had completely forgotten about this stupid science thingey Primo and I signed up for months ago. Shit.
Joke said…
To say nothing of all those people whose very manner of glaring at you broadcast the fact that your inactivity at the moment is what is preventing their self-actualization, world peace and a cure for most diseases.


RW said…
I hear you.

I dread super busy, activity filled weekends.
h&b said…
We hang around the home on weekends. bad clothes, bad hair, dirty feet.

We *do* stuff, but it's in the garden, and therefore either relaxing, satisfying, or both.

I don't owe no-one nothin'
Joke said…
If you do stuff in the garden God bless you. TFBIM can often be seen, her beatific countenance flushed to a vivid garnet and glowing with perspiration "enjoying herself immensely" as she lays waste to weeds by the score, or transfers plants or prunes mercilessly.

I only hate it when I am called in to render some assistance.

-Mr. Indoorsman.
meggie said…
o ack!, I hate that feeling..
"Come here & tell me which limb to carve from this very nice tree?"
"Erm, why are you hacking off limbs?"
"They offend me".
Is this some biblical thing he is going through???
Thank the powers that be, we neither have kids, nor grandkids who need to be 'watched' performing any type of ludicrous sport.
Lazy cow said…
You're singing my song. Though it's going to be HOT on Saturday and we might wander down to the beach and get a decent cup of coffee...

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