You're both wrong.

If you have young-ish boys, it's this one.



Badger said…
We managed to completely miss the Pokemon phenomenon ovah heah (and only just BARELY escaped the whole Yu-gi-oh! thing). And don't think I'm not insanely grateful.
MsCellania said…
I am trying to encourage a Pokeman addiction to break the Star Wars addiction that is firmly affixed in this house.
Our babysitter (almost 16 year old boy) comes over and brings his Star Wars collections. He and my dynamic duo play For Hours. He even hangs around when he's off the time clock, eats dinner with us and then plays more. His parents cannot believe it.
I am enjoying the Weird Al all over the blogsphere. For some reason, the dude is compelling. Must be that darn polka gene is in everyone.
Joke said…

You should do a YouTube search for "Schmenge."

Kim said…
Ms - are you MENTAL? DO NO I repeat DO NOT try to sway a child from Star Wars to Anime.
You will regret it more than I have words I could bother typing. And that is saying a LOT.
Pokemon and Yo-gi-OHFORTHELOVEOFGOD are, i believe, constructs of a particularly inventive few in the Christian evangelical movement to show us just what the wrath of the Lord will be like. Moral laden, repetitive and voice overs that don't quite match the mouth movements.
MsCellania said…
J - I had forgotten about the Schmenge Bros!
Kim - Oh, we don't watch the anime shows! The Horror! The boys like the souvenirs - the cards and reading the books and catalogs. The little kids here run around with packs of cards and trade and swap. (Huge Asian population). I reckon the cards are a helluvalot cheaper than all the Star Wars accessories. But the Star Wars obsession isn't going away easily. The babysitter was here last night while a few parents and I were cooking, and the babysitter and a bunch of kids were running around playiing - YES - STAR WARS.
Joke said…
NOS is pretty obsessed with Harry Potter, and that's manageable and a damned sight better than the Pokemon thing which always looms in the background.


P.S. Kim, it's there to show us what Hell will be like.

P.P.S. South Park did a particularly cruelly (if funny) savage parody of Pokemon.

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