And we're starting to wind up.

Normally, we at Chez Joke put all our Christmas frippery the Saturday after Thanksgiving (the Friday I spend in a coma) and we grind on until we're done. But all the labor had to be postponed as we were having dinnah with Jujube and the soon-to-be Mr. Jujube. (Those who keep up with these things will be happy to note he is a swell and terrific guy.)

Anyway, today we returned from Mass, and immediately following a middleweight brunch (scrambled eggs with chives, sausage patties, sticky buns and milk/juice/coffee) we got down to business. The only thing harder than putting all this stuff up is taking the beast down when your reserves are at an all-time low following the protracted Christmas whirlwind o' hecticness.

As it stands, we're also going to have today's session cut short as we must repair to my kid sister's birthday party. But, as our strength began to flag, our spirits were buoyed by turkey club sandwiches and lashings of postprandial espresso; as a consequence we rallied nicely and things look good so far.

To keep the grownups in the proper frame of mind, the lads began to play Christmas-y music, ostensibly to ensure our productivity and motivation. After hearing Porky Pig's rendition of "B-b-b-b-blue Christmas" and the Stray Cats' "Nutcracker Suite" I think their approach was far more stick than carrot. But there you have it.

Pictures next.



MsCellania said…
Ah - here I am with a storage room full of Christmas Cheer, and no spouse to help therewith. So we got some things started, but now we're on the computer/gamecube and waiting for The Daddy to call. And the rest will have to wait a week for him to return.
Enjoy the season!
Any special appliances to request from Eddie, the appliance wizard? I'm calling him this week to remind him we are looking for the Trifecta of Perfection - the Thermador triple built-in oven/mwave/warming drawer. If you have a space to fill, let me know what you want. I'm sure he'll be plucking one out, barely used, in the next few weeks/months.
Stomper Girl said…
Could have been Pariah Carey though. Or a Wiggly (Wiggles) Christmas.

Actually, can I out myself here? I absolutely love that Mariah Christmas song.
Joke said…

You're safe, seeing as how you're as far away as is possible without involving spacecraft. In fact, if you tried moving further away, you'd only be getting closer.

Badger said…
Dude. The soundtrack to our long weekend ovah heah was a nonstop medley of classic Christmas songs ON TUBA. Which, come to think of it, was surprisingly festive and pleasant. So I'll shut up now.
Stomper Girl said…
If I was closer what would happen?

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