Back up to speed.

After all this Argentiniziation, I'm wildly eager to get going on Thanksgiving.

Anyway, for the new kids, as a service to humanity here are my Thanksgiving recipes, all in one easy to access lump.
(keep in mind the above recipe is sheer heresy; its purpose is to have the potatoes absorb as much dairy as is humanly, er, potatobly, possible.)
(pedantic types will complain that pecans and maple do not belong together, but I say this shows post-Civil War unity)

and for people to see exactly what it all entails:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday despite the fact I (with NOS as sous chef and NTS as food processor/stand mixer switch operator) have to sling out the foodstuffs for a horde of friends and relatives.

This year NOS has more of a hand in the roasting of the turkey. It's good-funny to see NOS wielding a knife. We secretly exercise his knife skills because other members of the ::cough, cough:: family would go all Chief-Inspector-Dreyfus were they to see the spectacle of a 10 year old with something sharp. I'm sure the lovely and gracious Tere knows WTF I'm talking about.

But then again, I have always have issues with acquiescing to authority, etc. and I do whatever I want.

Of course, since I'm me, I cannot just traipse down to my local Food Hut and grab the first frozen turkey that hits my eye. No, no, no. I head directly for the butcher and place an order. The dirty little secret is that doing it this way not only helps out the butcher (which in turn keeps the supply of excellent and unusual edibles coming my way) but a vastly superior turkey is had at a very comparable in price. I walk up the counter, explain what we need volumewise, as what my choices are and then make my selection.

Fortunately, this year we have a great many choices. Different heritage breeds of turkey, organic, free-range -- even wild turkey bagged in the various hunting venues -- but I opted for the farm-raised (yes, free range, organic, blablabla) version of the turkey native to Florida. If for no reason other than my belief that ceteris paribus local is always better. I also ordered two of them, as they tend to be on the smaller side and you get a better deal with a couple of 11 pounders than one 20 pounder.

No, I won't go all Gordon Ramsay and start raising my own livestock in the side garden (zoning regulations notwithstanding) but I like the idea of having something yummy that my more progressive friends will consider virtuous.

Admittedly, Thanksgiving crept up on me this year. A navel-gazer more introspective person would have felt some tinge of guilt over that, but I have to press on, as there are 50+ for whom to cook.



My float said…
Two turkeys will feed 50+? How big are those babies?
I bow to you Joke! I can't imagine putting myself through that. Good Luck!
shula said…
50+? 50+??!!

Good God.
Jess said…
Man! I must have some magic in my fingers, 'cause it was yesterday I said I was missing your recipes, and here you are!

Your recipes sound yommy.
Badger said…
You say "pedantic" like it's a bad thing.
Joke, I just remembered about your holidays last year when you had the neice that had sold her parents houses out from under them. How did that ever work out? Or don't we want to know?

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