Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last.

Daylight Savings Time has ended.

As we speak, I am squandering daylight recklessly.


P.S. It's light when I wake up, dark when I have dinner, i.e., normal. LOVE IT.


YetAgainJen said…
I heartily agree. Waking up in the dark stinks.

Bec said…
Oh for Pete's sake. Get a grip people. You wake up in the dark all through winter. Wusses.

Daylight savings means I am walking out of the office in springtime, at 7.00pm in the light.

And guess what? The sun's still up at 6am with me!

Bec said…
And if the aforementioned phenomena is unique to the Australian light?


Joke said…
1- I only wake up in the dark all through winter because some officious Nanny-Stater has compelled the clocks to force it upon me.

2- Walking out of the office at 7pm (or worse, later than that) in the light sounds like one of the torments of the damned.

Caro said…
Yep, waking up at six in the morning is a piece of cake now. Ahhhh.
Joke said…
Agreed, just dig my time stamp.

My float said…
As you can tell from Ms Cranky Pants Bec, Daylight Savings is REALLY working for us on the other side of the planet.


If the damn kid gets up one more time at 5am (formerly known as 4am) and goes to bed at 8pm (formerly known as 7pm), I'll be selling him to YOU, J.

Or Bec, seeing as she has a spring in her step.

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