Post Thanksgiving Stress Disorder -- UPDATED YET AGAIN!

UPDATE #2! The lovely and gracious Poppy has suggested Wolfgang Puck's Thai Pizza. MWAH!

UPDATE! -- The lovely and gracious blackbird has reminded me of how glorious it'd be to make turkey club sandwiches with the (meager) leftovers. I am so happy about this possibility I may cry, although this might also be due to how rattled I am.


It goes without saying -- but not without typing -- that by the end of Thursday evening I was utterly exhausted.

Prepwork had started Wednesday afternoonish, and I started the cooking proper by 9:30am on Thursday, and didn't get to plop down to taste my (now cold) turkey until about 7pm. I had two liberal tumblerfuls of Zinfandel and a liter (or was it a quart?) of sparkling water with my dinner. A system-wide crash was imminent. Fortunately, doing all the cooking means I do N-O-N-E of the cleaning and washing up or packing up leftovers. In reality I only did MOST of the cooking as people insisted on bringing their famous ____. Which invariably means that's what's packed up as leftovers.

Which is a boon to us who are insufferable food snobs foodies who are trying to watch our intake during the Eating Season. The temptation to graze all day or to pile a monumental stash of leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day is all but eliminated when the stuff available is about as tempting as flossing the cat.

The turkey was a particular hit, which I ascribe to two simple variations from the standard recipe: Rubbing the outside with a 3:1 herb to coarse salt mixture and starting the cooking upside down. Also helping was carving it with an electric knife, which means every slice of turkey came accessorized with a neat strip of absurdly crisp skin, made all the better by its salty hebiness. There were no leftovers, beyond the assorted bits that drop off as collateral damage during carving.

The carcasses have been simmering away for stock purposes.

But dammit I was tired.

Not making things better is the fact TFBIM's 2nd Annual Surprise Birthday Party is on the 14th (!) and I haven't gotten all the goody bag stuff yet. This year's theme -- a theme is key to a successful party, methinks -- is "Martinis & Mistletoe" not because all that many people are excited by either, but because I was able to get this CD for about $1, and it gives off the proper retro-cocktaily-Christmasish vibe.

But I'm still missing some key bits. Some cocktail charms, coasters and swizzle sticks would leave me all set up.

But dammit I'm tired.



Poppy Buxom said…
Our carcass is in the stock pot even as we speak.

We didn't have a lot of turkey meat leftover, but we had enough to make Wolfgang Puck's recipe for Thai Chicken pizza for dinner last night, and it was yummy.
Sarah O. said…
No turkey carcass here. I just fed the dog the last of the Thanksgiving meatloaf. The Silver Palate recipe meatloaf, no less.

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