Sunday, November 04, 2007

See how YOU like it.


Someone has done for Kahlil Gibran what Kahlil Gibran did to writing. Cruel, but funny.

Go, read.


Posted by Joke at 7:31 AM


  • Blogger Badger posted at 10:49 AM, November 04, 2007  
    You are doing NaBloPoMo and just not coming right out and telling us, aren't you?
  • Blogger bluemountainsmary posted at 12:40 PM, November 04, 2007  
    I am finally delurking as one who as a teenage girl endlessly wallowed in Mr Gibran and now even seeing his name makes me feel slightly


    What a treat to read the counter attack.
  • Blogger Joke posted at 8:23 PM, November 04, 2007  
    Badge, I already blew it on 11/2/07.

    BMM, well...good!

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