"Just get out the way and let the gentleman do his thing."* UPDATED

There may be one or three among the readership that would know his/her way around matters of warp and weft. It is for these blesseds I post the following.

When I was last in Poppyville, I availed myself of some excellent shopping. Well, the last of the items has arrived.

Item #1 is a dark slate-blue double breasted number from Paul Stuart, in a multiseason weight. The tailoring and styling are impeccable. It looks and fits as you'd expect. I love it.

Yes. Working sleeve buttons. A must, really.


Item #2. The swatch had an excellent "hand" and it felt more liquid than anything else.

But I wasn't prepared for the completed garment. The finished piece is gossamer light. Super 180s, with a very high twist, if that registers with you. It feels as if someone had made me a suit of facial tissue. You put it on and its as if you had stepped into a room cooler by about 10 degrees. It's glorious. I won't be able to wear it if the temperature drops below "mid-autumn" but WOW.

With something pretty posh like this, you want to avoid the very, very fashionable tics of the moment (high gorge three-button suits, anyone?). After all, you want to highlight construction, cut and drape, not the lunacies of the moment. So the color is a pretty sober almost-charcoal grey. But, OMG, it feels so good. My next fear is that my beloved will catch me trying to get into its pants.



* The Staples Singers, "Respect Yourself."


blackbird said…
I suppose you know that I do appreciate a fine hand, warp and weft.
Go, have sex with your suit - see if I care.

I cannot imagine what would become of you if you were able to purchase a true winter wardrobe.
You'd have a few less vehicles, that's for sure.
Joke said…
I think more of it as a "harem."

Badger said…
Dude. You'll go blind!
shula said…
A harem of suits.

Works for me.
Kim said…
When I first read this I thought you said "very high waist" and I was all "DEAR GOD, he wears high waisted pants? How did I not see this? We can never be friends."
Thank goodness I always have to read your posts on average three times before I get all the referencing and connotations.
BabelBabe said…
*I* want to know why you are wearing a priest's collar.
Poppy Buxom said…
Yeah, really, Joke. Is there something TFBYM should know?

p.s. Roped shoulders? You dog, you!
Joke said…
BabBab, I do it to get blog ideas from the confessional.

Poppy, Arf! (It's from RL's, but I didn't see our friend the day I went.)


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