As if any further proof were needed

I take time out from my brief hiatus, already in progress, to bring you tidings of great joy which shall be to some people, i.e., there IS a God.

It takes very little to amuse the innocent.


P.S. Happy Boxing Day or, if you are as ardently Papist as my grandfather -- or King Wenceslaus-- was, Happy St. Stephen's Day.


blackbird said…
THAT is as rich as the walnut thing I made last week.
Is it a real show? Or just a spoof?
Badger said…
Unless this is airing on BBC America, where I can actually see it, I remain unconvinced.
Joke said…
I think it's a real show. If so, it'll probably air on BBC America about a year late. Or ready on YouTube or Limewire within 48 hours after airing.

Still waiting for The F Word III,

shula said…
For real?

No way.
Major Bedhead said…

It can't possibly be real. Gordon didn't swear once. And Jamie didn't say pukka.
Joke said…
Maybe they save that up for sweeps week?


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