The handwriting (in tiny print) on the wall.

Dear Internet,

If being attuned to nuance is part of your child rearing repertoire, you cannot fail to notice the moment your child starts to struggle with liking the stuff he likes vs. liking the stuff that "everyone" likes. Foreboding is a no-cost option here.

As a kid I was in pretty good shape in this regard because I was so Olympically self-absorbed I couldn't possibly be troubled to find out what my peers liked, let alone muster the necessary effort to actually like it. Mind you, this didn't guarantee me a trouble-free childhood/adolescence, it just meant I had new and exciting and terribly original trouble.


This all stems from the fact that NOS doesn't think very many girls like him. NOS, still being bright-eyed and innocent, expects girls to walk up to him and declare their undying affection in clear and unambiguous terms. And we all know the chances of that. So, he is starting to think there may be value and merit in approaching the likes and tastes of his fanatically bucolic peers. Which clashes with his sense of how the Universe is to be ordered.

Inner conflict.


Then he recovers and keeps doing the right thing.

But it's among the torments of the damned to go through this as the parent.



Poppy Buxom said…
Are we to surmise that peer pressure is prodding NOS into declaring his undying affection for a girl you don't view as daughter-in-law material?

Like, say, Britney Spears?
Joke said…
We are to surmise peer pressure is prodding NOS to behave in such a way that the likeliest DiL candidates will be NOKD. VNOKD.

Appalling people, peers.

Poppy Buxom said…
Take comfort in the fact that Britney is too old. So are Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.

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