A little knife action for blackbird

You may wonder WHY I have five knife blocks. And a drawer underneath the cutting board.
To say nothing of the magnetic rack thing.

In fairness, one of those blocks (extreme left) is NOS's, which I pretty much stole off eBay for him. As mentioned previously, we're big fans of Michael Graves and this set, originally retailed at Target, showed up for auction only the seller couldn't be bothered to spell "Michael" properly and thus had the listing under "Micheal" so I bought it for $1, plus S&H. This way when NOS is doing his share of the prepwork, he leaves my knives alone. Of the other four blocks, one is filled with Sabatier knives, which are extremely durable and after a couple of decades still look brand-new. Their only drawback is losing their edge within a minute of any sentient being looking at them. The rest are, OK, fine, assorted other knives. Predominantly Wusthof or Henckels. Sure, it may seem ridiculous to have a 10", an 8" and a 6" Chef's Knife, or to have a slicer with and one without granton edging, etc. But I am nothing if not thorough.

On the magnetic rack go the knives that are so sharp as to violate several non-proliferation treaties. (You'll see several have rubber guard thingies. All of these knifes are of a fearsome sharpness.)

Particularly eagle-eyed readers will have noticed the knife roll tucked in neatly behind the blocks. Whenever I am invited to help cook at someone's house, I pack up several knives and I am good to go.

On schedule for February is a complete gutting of the kitchen, wherein I'll have much (and I mean MUCH) better use of the space available in the kitchen. Which isn't all that much. It's also not that bad, but what space there is suffers from catastrophically poor space utilization.

I also need a special cheese space; I am, after all, all about the affinage.



blackbird said…

That'll do then.

If you need help with cheese space, don't forget that we are the proud owners of two cheese drawers.
And NO, I'm not talking about the ones in the refrigerator.
Badger said…

I have one big-ass chef knife (low-end Wusthof), one little paring knife (ditto)(both of these are sharp as f*ck), and one medium santoku (Henckels, not sharp, I never use it).

What I am lacking, to my mind, is a good bread knife, a fillet/boning thingie, and a santoku with those scallop dealies carved out of it so that potatoes and cucumbers and whatnot don't stick.

But maybe I need more.
Joke said…
bb - Remind me to consult with you on the matter of cheese storage at the appropriate time.

Badge - For a bread knife, the low-end Henckels is perfectly fine. Get a mid-level Wusthof or Henckels boning/fillet knife and get the Calphalon "Katana" series santoku knife with the granton edge scalloped edge. The latter is so sharp that food falls apart in neat dice/slices at its mere mention.

Stomper Girl said…
You are the Crocodile Dundee of chefs.
Joke said…

In my defense, kindly note a lot (40%?) of those slots are empty.


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