...and then we break into a dead sprint

There is something nefarious going on. 2008, for being a year* I hardly know, seems intent on running me ragged. NTS has an afterschool thing, NOS has a completely different afterschool thing and some nebulously defined wire in his complex array of orthodontic apparati has gone "twang!" and I am trying to remodel the kitchen without much input from (or, indeed, alerting her) She Who Has Not Cooked In Fifteen Years of Marriage.

I also have to answer some strange complaint from the Fish & Wildlife Service (huh?), straighten out another mess with credit cards at the bank, deal with my deranged cell phone and figure out some way to fix the wireless router's antenna Missing-In-Action problem. It just figures all this would happen when TFBIM is working her first late-day (if she's home by 10pm I'll be amazed).

This is seriously interfering with my plans to meditate upon how to build what amounts to a small furnace in the back of the house. And reading...it's totally fornicating with my reading.



* January is HALF over! WTF?


daysgoby said…
Welcome back! The house obviously missed you and is throwing up minefields so you will never leave again.
meggie said…
Wow! I would be happy never to cook in whatever remaining years there are of our marriage!
Good luck with that new kitchen.

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