"ARRGH!" and not in a pirate way.


(in no order in particular)

1- Complaining
2- Artificial fibers
3- Being interrupted
4- Waiting
5- Being asked "why?" or "how do you know?"
6- Not taking "yes" for an answer
7- Corn syrup
9- Overdue library books
10- Defaced library books (punishable by death -- garrote, I hope -- once I become dictator)
11- Airport security
12- Automatic transmissions (ESPECIALLY those with the paddle thingies behind the steering wheel)
13- The Presidential candidates from the opposing party
14- The Presidential candidates from MY party
15- The fact I can't order Tiny Trapeze marshmallows online anymore
16- Artificial ingredients in food
17- Rap and hip-hop and other children's music
18- Guitar Hero III
19- Taxes
20- CNN
21- Fennel seeds
22- Speed limits
23- Cheap liquor
24- When my stuff just DISAPPEARS! Forever! ARGH!
25- Barry Manilow

There you have it.



Caro said…
Speed Limits Bite. And fennel seeds are pretty nasty too. I tried them at the Indian restaurant once. Ick.

Your link is posted. The top one in the link is the one we ordered but there are lots of bento options.
BreadBox said…
I have nothing against cheap liquor. I have something against liquor that tastes cheap. But to LOML's mind, a white russian made with Durango ($15 a frickinhuge bottle) tastes better than one made with Kahlua (at two or three times the price). I'd buy the Kahlua if it made the difference, but since it is, under the circumstances (LOML's preferences) I actively like the fact that it is cheaper!
Anonymous said…
I heartily agree on the fennel seeds. Bleh. However, I confess to not even knowing if my minivan (automatic, of course) has paddle things underneath the steering wheel.

meggie said…
24 & 25 go without saying.
I tried to reply to your comment on my blog, but was rejected! sob.. Is there something I am missing?

What is the USA hate affair with Brnady?? there must be some reson.. Great Brandy is without measure, surely?!
meggie said…
Well, crap, the spelling mistakes go without explanation! some braindead moo posting nonsense!!
shula said…
Wot's everyone got against fennel seeds?

My daal would be useless without them.
Joke said…
Meggie...YOUR blog rejected YOUR reply to me? Weird.


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