I'm a tease.

There are some who are "frugal" and others "live simply" while yet others exercise "restraint" or "prudence."

Me, I'm a raving cheapskate. This comes from early youth, and was reinforced when I was a starving student. Being so broke I "couldn't pay attention" left an indelible imprint on my soul. so, it is with great joy and deep pleasure I managed to practically STEAL something on sale today.

Steal, I tell you.

I won't say anything else until I get the wire thingy for my camera.



Frogdancer said…
Yeah, I'm one of your lot.

That's why I renamed "Shoestring Sunday" "Skinflint Sunday".

Take the picture.... Quick!!!
I cannot relate to this.

I am a spender.

And it is because I grew up poor ( or fairly poor - and especially as a uni student).
meggie said…
There is nothing sweeter in the whole world than an abosolute STEL.

Yes, pics please!
meggie said…
ER... of course, I meant STEAL.
Caro said…
Much hand clapping going on here. A steal, hooray!
Badger said…
Perhaps you can take the money you saved on whatever it is and splurge on ANOTHER WIRE THINGIE FOR THE CAMERA. I'm just sayin'.

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