I am composing a post on what I HOPE the kitchen remodel will yield upon completion, but I am still harvesting photos. Here is what I'm thinking so far:

Terracotta-ish floor (which is staying)
White "shaker" or Arts & Crafts cabinets
Michael Graves faucet, handles, knobs, etc.
Butcher block or tile (granite won't "go" with what I'm visualizing, much as I love it) countertop
Stainless appliances (including a smallish wine cellar)

The look I think I want is a sort of sleek and updated version of "Mediterranean country" it "PostMed." But I may hate it when I see it in the flesh.

(Incidentally, if I didn't care about the kitchen "going with" the rest of the house -- a semi-tropical Arts & Crafts sort of thing -- I'd gut it all and go 100% stainless everywhere with that black-and-white checkerboard floor. TFBIM hates this look and says it looks "like a hospital for food.")

Stay tuned.


P.S. Suggestions are always welcomed.


Badger said…
I hate white cabinets, but I appear to be the only person in the world who feels this way.

The rest of it sounds swell, though. If you go with the butcher block countertops, I want a review once you've had a chance to put them into practice for a while.
Joke said…
I don't hate white cabinets, but they are far from my first choice.

That said, white is the only thing that "works" with the constraints particular to my circumstances (both real and imagined).

blackbird said…
I hate white cabinets AND I live in a hospital for food AND I really cook and, so, wouldn't be caught dead with butcher block.

I'm only saying.
Anonymous said…
I like the look of a black and white floor, but when we lived in an apartment with that flooring in the kitchen it was a royal pain to keep clean. The white squares showed dirt FAST, and the black squares seemed to just further this effect.

Poppy Buxom said…
I love white cabinets but wouldn't do them in an arts-and-crafts styled room, because those arts and crafts types loved natural wood grain.

What about engineered stone for the counters? There's a huge range of colors and it's naturally anti-bacterial.
MsCellania said…
I, too, despise white cabinets. I live with white cabinets. And lots and lots of cleaning wipes with which to keep them spotless.
And I especially despise my tile countertops. I am a slave to bleaching the grout, which is necessary as it harbors nasty pathogens at every turn. I implore you to rethink this tile decision!
You DO know that stainless appliances are also a maintenance nightmare?! Do you love cleaning?
But I like everything Else! Really! Oh except for terra cotta flooring. Um, I know there is something you're doing that I liked...
Kim said…
a tile countertop seems a peculiarly American thing. I can't imagine anything worse - not completely even and all those grooves for food to get stuck in and stain. Gross.

They would, quite frankly, shit me to tears.

I imagine with the scale and range of cooking you do a similar result would follow.

I have white polycarbonate cupboards and yes, you have to wipe them because they show dirt, but they do make for a bright kitchen and are very easy to clean.

I'd go a ceasarstone or similar engineered stone countertop - we have one and they're fab - great to make pastry on, fine to put things straight off the stove on, etc etc. You can also get a huge range of colours and my cousin even has one with bits of stone or quartz or something in it that twinkle at night time under lights.

I'm thinking w/ the terracotta floors (which seem to have a blue tile inlay) you could go with the white cabinets and a dark blue stone countertop (again, my cousin's is a very deep blue and quite lovely).

shula said…
I'm afraid I'm into the one TBFIM hates.

Kitchens are working spaces, and I've spent so much of my life in commercial kitchens, I find domestic ones very hard to accept.

Damn, I'd even wear the uniform, if it'd get me the kitchen.
BabelBabe said…
i love the look of white cabinets but with four kids, and all the cooking, they get way too dirty to be practical for me. of course, what i really need is the cabinets my heart desires and a maid.

i love the idea of butcher block, but in ten years, they're gonna look like hell. go with engineered stone.

i like your floor.
BreadBox said…
Good luck with the renovation -- me, I wouldn't give up my mission style cherry cabinets and uba tuba granite for anything!

By the way, in case you missed the post, I made the dessert pizza with the coulis and white chocolate, and it was a *huge* hit. Thanks for the suggestion!
Major Bedhead said…
I'd have stainless counter tops (and open storage) with butcher block cutting boards or a butcher block island or something that's bleachable because you are just asking for cross contamination with all butcher block.
Joke said…
I am considering one of those bamboo/antibacterial butcher block things.

M-A-Y-B-E engineered stone.


P.S. Breadbox...did my laudatory comment get eaten?
h&b said…
I'm with Kim on this one.

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