In the year 2525...

The lovely and gracious blackbird hath posted what I hereby dub "The 25 Meme."

Twenty Five Things of Which I Never Grow Tired

1- Black tie
2- Stationery
3- Kitchen knifery
4- Bloody Marys
5- The Great Indoors
6- The feel of wonderful fabric
7- eBay
8- Reading funny things
9- Blogging
10- Traveling
11- Conversations with people who are brilliant at it
12- PG Wodehouse
13- Having obnoxious friends, but liking their obnoxiousness.
14- Cocktail shakers
15- Brunch
16- Hanging out
17- Espresso
18- Buster Keaton
19- Tiny Trapeze marshmallows
20- Prosciutto
21- Driving my cars
22- Wristwatches
23- Carl Barks
24- Sunsets
25- View Masters



Kim said…
I'm unsure how I forgot to include your 15 in my 25. I adore brunch. It is one of the best human creations e.v.e.r.
Joke said…
Brunch is vital to my wellbeing, insofar as it's:

1- Breakfast
2- At lunchtime
3- With alcohol

BreadBox said…
I like number 13. It makes me feel wanted:-)

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