Joke's Book Club: Not your father's chick-lit.

Just started reading Him, Her, Him Again, The End of Him. So far, I like.

The characters are interesting, and the protagonist/narratrix pulls off the neat trick of being able to very accurately dissect all the other characters' flaws and motivations while simultaneously being unable to see through the guy with whom she's smitten, or what an idiot she is in this regard.

This guy, as a "type" is a composite of all the "he's all wrong for you" types and, even better, a stellar illustration of the phrase "an intellectual is someone educated beyond his intelligence." Yet, the wildly insecure and (so far unnamed!) narratrix falls for him, time and again. As far as I can tell so far (ahem), this guy seems to be in it for just the sex, as he only has time for her between dining and sleeping. Oh, and the RIDICULOUSLY overworked pseudo-intellectual "sweet nothings" he whispers in her won't believe. (Stuff like "I'm feeling a great deal of agape towards you at the moment, my ever-new enchantment.")

Very fun and keen observational stuff, but this is NOT a book that discusses the feelings that are endemic in the human condition, unless by that we mean being a neurotic and insecure person pretty much only used for sex by a man who is gifted at manipulation.

At times the scenes seem to run longer than they ought, and there are secondary characters aplenty, but this is all salvaged by the hilarious turns of phrase and caustic observations. Stuff for which I am a sucker, I proudly admit.

Now you know.



Caro said…
It's always easier to see what's wrong with other people's relationships but many of us are myopic when it comes to our own. :-)

So utters the girl who dated every jerk in the state of CA and a few from other states too.

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