Nope, my mind's made up.

I have decided to do something that is both stupid and difficult. I will build a brick oven in my back yard.

Stay tuned.



reader said…
You'll love it and use it all the time. Also, it keeps the kitchen cooler. I don't have one but a friend built the neatest pizza oven in his yard.
BreadBox said…
Ooooh --- I want to come over and play!

Let me know how it goes: you may inspire us all to follow suit!

Joke said…
1- Good to know, given that summers ovah heah are like God's sauna.

2- Keep in mind I have no clue how I'll do this. But I will.

Stomper Girl said…
Stupid and difficult? Weren't you over at my blog a while ago suggesting I might like to do this? I don't recall stupid and difficult being bandied around then...
Anonymous said…
Oooh, I can't wait to hear more about this project.

This is going to be an interesting time.
Joke said…
SG - The stupidity and difficulty are based more on my own circumstances (i.e., back yard layout, utter lack of masonry skill, etc.) than anything else.

Kim said…
1. When has a lack of skill in an area ever stopped any man from attempting some DIY project requiring skills the professionals have endured a 4 year apprenticeship to master?
I believe this is what will be called EXCELLENT blog fodder

Some links for you:
Joke said…
What was #2?

MsCellania said…
I am NOT passing this on to my husband. Because? He will then decide this is exactly what's been missing from our lives.
1. And the master closet with MY name on it is still torn up and unusable.
Since August.
2. The Gagganau et al are still out in the garage, NOT installed and perking along in the kitchen.
3. The soda gun setup needs a new gizmothingy and is not working.
4. The new projector setup requires one to be not only degreed but ABD in order to run it.
5. The G-Gauge train track is in the middle of a redesign, but usable. Sort of.
6. Oh forget it. There are probably 10 more projects that no longer call his name. Because the poor thing is out of town 2 weeks out of every month.
But I will be interested to see how your projects come out.
Joke said…
I promise to not get started on this until 1) the garage has been cleared of post-Yuletide detritus and 2) the projector I stole* -- STOLE, I tell you! -- is up and running.


PS Put your minions on the case: I'll be needing a new fridge, range, and dishwasher.

* Not as much of a steal as the flatware, but pretty close.

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