Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Review of the Year In Review

Dear Internet,

I'll tell you all about the posh edibles with which I bid goodbye and (for the most part) good riddance to 2007 in another post. This post is dedicated to far more important bloggery milestones. I bring you my best blog posts of 2007.

Now, the trouble with this sort of thing is that the recent stuff (Oct.-Dec.) tends to be overrepresented, and the early stuff (Jan.-Mar.) is usually nowhere to be seen. So I will apply diligence here.

Greatest Long Term Benefit To Humanity
Typical Day
Foodiest Post with the BEST Title
The Society Page (Poppy pointed out, quite correctly, that I had originally mislinked this to a post from June, 2006. Oops.)
Please understand me
The Book Fair
Bitterest Rant
The Joys of Fatherhood
My favorite architectural pun
Tales from my past

There ya go.

Happy 2008!


Posted by Joke at 9:08 AM


  • Blogger Caro posted at 12:53 PM, January 01, 2008  
    The food post title was the best. I think I'll have to make those ribs.
  • Blogger Poppy Buxom posted at 3:16 PM, January 01, 2008  
    How squishy are we being with our definition of "2007"? I clicked on The Society Page (because I'm a big snob that way) and discovered that the comments were dated June, 2006.
  • Blogger Frogdancer posted at 3:54 PM, January 01, 2008  
    Great idea.
    The photo one was the one I liked the best. So much said... so few words....
    Thank you for taking the time to do this. It's been a very pleasant way to start the day. (Ahhh... the summer holidays. Now is when I realise my extreme wisdom in becoming a teacher....)
  • Blogger Joke posted at 5:26 PM, January 01, 2008  

    Aw, fook. It wasn't so much squishy as it was carelessness.

    This is precisely why you are an invaluable pal.

  • Blogger Kim posted at 7:32 PM, January 01, 2008  
    And I have just completed one of my new years resolutions. To discover what TFBIM stands for.

    This is a key indicator to how I can procrastinate out of something for quite a period of time.

    Like two years.

    Or so.
  • Blogger bluemountainsmary posted at 12:04 AM, January 02, 2008  

    Happy New Year.

    Have just read and empathised in a motherly way with the fatherhood post. Off now to read foodiest post...
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