Starting with a bang.

SAHDness started up pretty much this week. Astute observers will note this is characterized by NOS helping me inaugurate the festivities by having 102F/40C fever and some sort of throat infection.

More seriously, an old Internet pal (from those halcyon USENET days) is apparently hospitalized with some sort very serious of blood thing. We'd sort of lost touch over the years, although we'd ferry messages through mutual friends, but still...I worry.

Oh, and my wireless connection is acting up. (If there is radio silence, you'll know why.)




Maddy said…
Full sympathies as I'm struggling with fever and jet lag, not a happy combination.
Best wishes
Badger said…
Ack! The fact that you and Poppy have both mentioned the internet pal in the hospital compels me to ask: do I know this person? Somebody email me or something.

And best wishes either way.
cary perk said…
Would you ferry my best wishes along with yours?
You have the best of both worlds - part time SAHD is the perfect job!
meggie said…
A friend of ours, who travelled all over Europe as a Nanny to her best friend's children, was amazed to find the best Pizza was only available in France! She said the genuine Pizzas in Italy, were miseralbe affairs, compared to our Ozzie Pizza offerings.

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