Testing, testing.

If you can read this, then the glitch is fixed.

If you can't, then you have exceptional ESP skills.



olivespearls said…
Oh, good! I was afraid I'd been shut out of the party before I'd barely sat down. :)

Stomper Girl said…
What happened dude? Did your blog have a mini-tantrum - Here's my new post and you're Not Allowed to see it.
Joke said…
If it works, then what's past is past.

h&b said…
I felt like I was back in a line to get into a cool nightclub.

Access DENIED !

But it was just your blog, so I didn't worry too much...

Joke said…
You should have tried that "I'm with THEM" line.

I felt very perturbed at being denied access. Here we were at the start of a new friendship and then you turned! The ignominy of it all.

But it turns out blogger turned. So that's OK then.
teachergirl said…
And I thought it was me.

Thank goodness I was wrong.
reader said…
Rejection is such a stab in the back. I'm glad the access denial was temporary.

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